Monday, January 25, 2010

Arne's trough problem

A few days ago, I wrote about the political calculations Arne Duncan would have to make in doleing out the Race to the Trough dollars.  It seems like the editors of the Wall Street Journal were also vexed that Duncan might not be heartless enough to keep sufficient numbers of little piggies away from the slops.  After all, they did go to all the work of filling out those great big applications!  And they do so need the money!

"Courage, Arne!" cry the WSJ editors, "Don't waver!  Stand firm!  Allow only the truly deserving to gorge!  Damn the rest!"

But Arne, think.  Wall Street Journal, Arne.  Republicans.  Elections.  Not your friends.  Will never be your friends.

Lest there be any doubt who WSJ's readers are, it is illuminating to peruse the readers' comments on this editorial.  I particularly fancied this gem:
And the real problem is the low quality of "inner city" students that no amount of federal legerdemain will ever cure. Hint! High dropout rates are good. It gets rid of the deadbeats so motivated kids won't have their classrooms disrupted.
Yep, this commenter perfectly encapsulates the current school reform strategy promoted by Duncan and praticed in Chicago and New York.

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